Outdoor ceramic tiles : what are the best tiles you can use at home ?

Outdoor Patios remain ideal living materials which add value to our houses. Before moving into a new home, you will need to install the right kind of flooring. While some flooring is made from many materials such as concrete and stone paver items, it’s better when you get the category of outdoor ceramic tiles. Here are the kinds type of tiles to select for your home.


Slates are a perfect choice for patios in all home. This is an outdoor ceramic tile that is revealed durable, hard and really beautiful. Unlike many, you can choose a slate with a natural texture, which reduces moisture. This tile can be found in many colors such as purple dark gray, and blue, amongst others.


The granite natural tile which can be used for patios. Granite refers to a rare mineral composed of quartz. This is a high-end paving products ideal for public and private buildings. The main drawback of granite is that it’s highly polished, which can make it susceptible to retaining moisture.

Moreover, this can cause slips, especially when used in public places. When compared with other outdoor tiles, it is porous. The best way to clear this muck is to regularly seal it to prevent stains and water disturbance. This tile is simple to fix over a previously made surface, but you will have to call on a professional to cut it.


Limestone can be referred to as sedimentary rock, which has some carbon-based materials. It is one of the popular construction materials which many people love. This is a tile that is easy to fabricate and is abundantly available. This granite tile has a softer surface than granite, which means it can easily be chipped when necessary.

However, like the granite tiles, to get the best result, endeavor to seal it frequently to avoid stains. It works well in moderate climates, whereas it doesn’t go well in cold locations.

Sandstone Tiles

This outdoor ceramic tile is a from sedimentary rock and has come with few limitations. The beautiful texture of the surface is great for home residences and schools. This kind of tile is soft and susceptible to scratches.

Moreover, this is a floor that’s suited for hot or dry climates without cold-thaw cycles. It is, however, cheaper than some ceramic tiles that makes it popular amongst homeowners.

Travertine Tiles

The Travertine tile is created from stones with pleasant texture and color. This stone is appealing and durable, and its pitted surface is prone to dust collection. Moreover, a highly polished travertine tile can also cause wet surfaces.

But the quality of these products varies a lot depending on where it is bought and quarried location. If you want to use it for a patio, you can choose manufacturers from Greece or Cyprus because they have more water-resistant products than the Chinese versions.

Soapstone Tiles

Soapstone tiles is a smooth, beautiful and tough ceramic tile. Its silky texture is what appeals to many who are considering using it for their patios. It is developed from a non-porous material which resists moisture and stains. For those who own or what to construct a swimming pool, this ceramic tile is your best bet.

Also, it can come in numerous colors like blueish-grey, blue, whole and black. However, it is difficult to locate similar tiles, which can make the price a bit expensive. People who want a great-looking house will love this ceramic tile.

Quarry Tile

Unlike other traditional tiles, quarry tiles are not made from natural stone. This is a durable and unglazed-made material which is a very hard tile. Quarry is a reliable tile which performs well as a good paving material meant for patios.

Furthermore, even when they are unglazed, they are still a good material which resists water well and their surfaces stop them from getting slippery.

Traditional ceramic Tile

The best flooring option for outdoor patios is traditional ceramic tile. They have a good PEI rating, which shows they have sufficient strength. This material is made from fired clay, which is used to create the surface layer. Usually, this is the common material for buildings. You can choose this material when you want a quality material for your house.

Choosing the right outdoor ceramic tiles is crucial when moving to your home. The items shown above are the top options available in the market, while they have some cons, they are reliable, durable and attractive.

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