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Robert Tharsing
Spring at Lexington Cemetery
Oil on Canvas
48 x 84 inches

Sondra Dorn
Mixed media on panel
30 x 40 inches

Fine Art Gallery in Lexington KY

Friday, June 20, 5-8PM

SHOW DATES - June 20 - September 7, 2014

The Ann Tower Gallery is pleased to present Evolving Revolving 13, our annual summer group exhibition. We will present an impressive variety of new work from artists represented by the gallery, including paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, ceramics and folk art. We're also delighted to present new work from Sondra Dorn, a mixed media artist from Asheville, NC, and new paintings from the estate of Robert James Foose.

Artists in the gallery include Patrick Adams, Minnie Adkins, Gary Bower, Cole Carothers, Nancy Fletcher Cassell, Carolyn Courtney, Gary Drake, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Robert James Foose, Evan Fugazzi, Kevin Gardner, Gordon Gildersleeve, Ulrike Hahn, Georgia Henkel, Carolyn Young Hisel, Judith Pointer Jia, Guy Mendes, Joe Molinaro, Lonnie and Twyla Money, Anna Marie Pavlik, George Schmidt, Chris Segre-Lewis, Valerie Shesko, Dollie and Guy Skaggs, Karen Spears, Kim Sobel, Lina Tharsing, Robert Tharsing, Mary Tortorici, Ann Tower, Travis Townsend, Sharon Weis, Judy Wells, and Daniel Werner.

The exhibition will change throughout the summer and will end on Sept. 7, 2014.

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Robert James Foose
Sable and Shells
Oil on Canvas
24 x 40 inches

Patrick Adams
Gold Bluff
Oil on Canvas
64 x 48 inches

Georgia Henkel
Casein wash on paper
5 x 5 inches

Mary Newton
Studio with a View
Oil on Canvas
48 x 52 inches

Chris Segre-Lewis
Bounding Fields
Oil on Canvas
62 x 80 inches


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